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If there’s any one “best bet” all-around fishing lake in central Ohio it’s Alum Creek Reservoir. The lake is a great place for serious anglers to target muskies and bass and a lot fun for kids wanting to catch a bluegill or two. If you’ve got a fishing pole and a little time, you’re in business.

Alum Creek has good populations of both largemouth and smallmouth bass. The largemouth bass will be up around the Big Run Bay area. Use a depth finder to locate drop-offs with tree stumps and then fish them with plastic worms in black and pumpkinseed colors. Largemouth bass move up into Alum Creek itself where they’re caught in the little cuts on the left side of the creek before reaching the State Route 36 bridge.

Fish Species

Smallmouth bass hit baits on the drop-off closest to the dam on Culprit Tassel Tail grubs in the Wally World color or just a standard tube bait. Pitch the baits up into the 5-foot depths and fish them back to the boat in 20 to 25 feet of water using fluorocarbon line.

White bass run from 9 to 14 inches above Howard Road. When you’re on a school the action can be fast and furious.

Saugeyes range up to 18 inches. Night fishing along the dam and riprap causeways with large crankbaits is very productive. Vertical jigging close to the bottom on drop-offs and points with minnows is a great daytime tactic. A submerged road bed runs near the eastern shoreline and across the lower basin and is a good spot to try.

Alum Creek crappies run up to 12 inches. They’re hard to find but are caught along the east bank above Cheshire Road and into Big Run Cove. Anglers also fish them hard in the wood above the State Route 36 causeway.

Channel catfish are caught around Big Run Cove and above the causeways. The fish will move up into shallower water to forage during the evenings and into the night.

Bluegills aren’t numerous but anyone with a bobber and a worm should be able to find them near any shallow vegetation.

Muskies are the draw for the big-bait crowd. The muskies will make mincemeat of bass gear so come prepared with stout rod and reel combos and baits that can withstand being slammed by a freight train with teeth. Muskies will be found in the lower basin between the Cheshire Road causeway and the dam. These rod-benders can easily reach 30 inches and top out at 50 inches.


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